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Title:Designed To Fight, Destined To Win

Subtitle: Guided by Wisdom

Author: Denalex C. Orakwue


Publisher: Wisdom Power House


Retail: $13.99

ISBN:  9780976663102



Table of Contents




1.  Everybody Hurts                                    

2.  Fighting Is an Art of Warfare                   

3.  You Can Never Escape or Outgrow Warfare

4.  Identify the Enemy                                     

5.  The State of Your Spiritual Health           

6.  Put on The Whole Armor of God             

7.  Destroy the Altars of Strange Gods         

8.  Beware of the Enemyís Stratagem           

9.  Beware of the Judases Around You         

10. Your Enemies Come in Clusters             

11. Constant Pursuit of The Enemy To Destroy You

12. Secure Yourself Against Defeat               

13. Nullify, Frustrate and Defeat the Enemy

14. Make God Your Partner                           

15. Idols of Today = Demons of Tomorrow   

16. Fighting on Your Own Volition and Terms

17. Resist Enticement to Battle                      

18. The Wicked Will be Frustrated               

19. Your Enemy Will Always Lie                   

20. The Influence of Environment                 

21. Depend On Godís Strength                      

22. Numbers Donít Matter                            

23. Size or Status Donít Matter                     

24. The Power of Discernment                       

25. The Power of Silence                                 

26. Nothing Is Constant                                

27. Live and Work by Faith                          

28. Focus on Doing Right                             

29. Victory Is a Gift                                      

30. Counterfeit Victory                                

31. Thought Life                                           

32. Seek God Before Going to Battle            

33. Made in the Image of God                     

34. Avoid Your Enemy                                  

35. False Prophets   

36.   Talk the Solution                                     

37. The Power of Agreement                         

38. Donít Quit!                                              

39. If You Can Be Bought Satan Can Meet Any Price

40. Appropriating Godís Power                   

41. The Power of Consistency                      

42. Expect Supernatural Intervention        

43. Pain Is Temporal                                     

44. Destined to Win                                       

45. Reject Hatred Without Hating              

46. Beware Of  Your Associations                

47. Dare to Believe God                                

48. False Accusation is the Last Stage Before a Supernatural Promotion

49. Never Fear Your Enemy                           

50. Be not Afraid of Sudden and Surprise Attack

51. Pursue The Presence of God                 

52. Your Promotion is Scheduled                  

53. Resist the Devil                                         

54. Protect Your Dreams                                

55. Make Use of What You Have                 

56. Defining Who You Are                            

57. Respect Is Reciprocal                              

58. Identify Your Purpose                             

59. Forgive Totally and Completely            

60. Resist Anxiety, Donít Worry, Be Happy

61. Wisdom for Long Life                                             

BLURB: In this marvelous book, Denalex discusses timeless wisdom principles that guarantee victory every time.  Quoting freely from the Scripture, he shows that you are designed to fight and destined to win. With profound Biblical insight he shows that wisdom is the secret of life. Wisdom will turn every adversity into victory. Wisdom guarantees endless lists of benefits including; wealth, health, success, favor and longevity. Wisdom is the solution to any problem. You cannot lose when guided by wisdom. The greatest weapon your enemy will use against you is ignorance.  Dealing successfully with the affairs of this life requires wisdom from above. Designed To Fight, Destined To Win is saturated with wisdom from above.  This is a book you will read and re-read, written in the language that any layperson can understand. Thousands declared that the message in this book revolutionized their lives. Get this powerful teaching and your success will be assured.

Ruminate: The Lord is a man of War and so are you. You can never outgrow warfare. You must fight or perish. Whatever you donít conquer will conquer you.  The idol you fail to destroy will eventually destroy you. You will win if you donít quit. Become an unstoppable master warrior. Men and Women of vision make today serve tomorrow.

Unleash your latent potentials and win every time. The ignorance of that which exists places limitation on that which is possible. Things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever (Deuteronomy 29:29).


Use this book as a daily devotional with your family, friends and business partners.

Author Biography:

Denalex C. Orakwue is multi-gifted international motivational speaker, author and a business consultant. As a Software Engineer, he worked for IBM for about a decade and half. He is the founder of Denalex Ministries and the publisher of Wisdom From Above magazine. He is well known for his many Biblical studies published in Wisdom From Above magazine.

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