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Operating Hours

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST, Monday - Friday

Order Status:

Q: I am an individual and have a question concerning an order that I placed on wisdompowerhouse.com.
A: You may contact wisdompowerhouse Customer support: SUPPORT@WISDOMPOWERHOUSE.COM

Q: I have purchased something on Amazon.com through your site. Whom do I contact concerning my order?
A: Contact Amazon.com directly. For more information, refer to Amazon.com's Help section.

Out-of-Print Products:

Q: How can I find a copy of a book or a Bible that is no longer in print?
A: Check one of the following online resources to begin your search:

1. Amazon.com partners with many used and independent bookstores, who often have stock of out of print books and Bibles. WISDOM POWER HOUSE carries no stock of discontinued product. Searching at Amazon or another online source is the most reliable way of locating a specific book you are seeking. The best way to search on the internet is by using the International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, which is always a 10-digit number, may be printed somewhere on your book or Bible, and is unique to that product. A search using only title, author, or description may yield more search results than can reasonably be narrowed down to find the product you seek. Click Here to search by ISBN, Title, Author or other criteria on Amazon.com.

2. Search Bots
• www.bookfinder.com

3. International League of Antiquarian Booksellers
• www.ilab-lila.com

4. Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America
• www.abaa.org

5. Used Book Sales
• www.abebooks.com
• www.powells.com
• www.alibris.com
• www.bookavenue.com
• www.tomfolio.com

• www.booksenthusiast.com



Return Policy       

You can return all books with the following conditions:

1.  Any book(s) or product returned must be in their original condition. There may be no stamps, marks, stickers, etc., in / on the books.

2. Book(s) or products must be returned within 30 days of the invoice date for retail sales and 24 month of the invoice date for wholesalers/distributors sales.

3. Customer is responsible for return postage / shipping. Customer will also pay

    a surcharge of 2.39% + 35’ per order. This is the amount we pay for

    (Merchant Account + Gateway) per order. To avoid paying this surcharge, consider

     buying the product you want by mail. Send your Money order or Cashier's check

     with a full description and the item number of what you want to buy to:


      Sales Department

      Wisdom Power House
      PO Box 16417
      Sugar Land, TX 77496

4. Any book(s) returned must be securely packed so as to avoid damage during return shipment.  Books returned without original shrink-wrap or shipping condition will receive no credit.

5. No restocking fee is required from Wholesalers/Distributors. A restocking fee of

    2% of the invoice price will be charged for retail sales.  Authorization is required.


Contacting Authors:

Q: How can I contact an author?
A: Due to the high volume of requests we have for communication with authors, we are not able to release the phone, fax, and mailing or e-mail addresses of any of our authors. If you would like to send a letter to your favorite author, please send a standard letter addressed as follows:

(Author’s Name)

Wisdom Power House
c/o (Imprint) Publicity
PO Box 16417
Sugar Land, TX 77496

Q: Who could I contact in order to receive complimentary copies of the Bible for Prisons?
A: Several organizations are able to make donations of Bibles to Prisons:
Prison Book Project
C/O Ray Hall
P.O. Box 1146
Sharpes, FL 32959
Prison Fellowship, International
P.O. Box 17500
Washington, DC 20041
The Gideons International (KJV only)
PO Box 170800
Nashville, TN 37214


Downloading the Bible:

Q: Are there any places online where I can download or view the NKJV?
A: You can read the NKJV online at these sites and download small portions for your personal use:

• www.gospelcom.net
• www.olivetree.com
• www.thechristian.org
• www.biblestudytools.net

Permissions & Copyright

All requests to reproduce material published by Wisdom Power House must be made in writing. It is not our policy to grant verbal permission. At this time, we are not accepting permission requests via e-mail. Please submit your inquiries in writing to:

Permissions & Copyright Department

Wisdom Power House

P.O. Box 16417
Sugar Land, TX 77496


Foreign Rights

To obtain rights to translate a book into another language please follow the instructions below:

Wisdom Power House controls the rights to most of its titles. Requests for foreign language rights (only) should be sent to:

Mailing Address:
Director of Foreign Rights
P.O. Box 16417
Sugar Land, TX 77496

If you desire to translate one chapter of a book or more, rights are only granted to publishing companies or other organizations, not individuals. Please provide the following information in your request:

1. Information on your company

    • Full company name, publishing imprints, address and other contact information
    • One paragraph about the type of books you publish, length of time in business, distribution methods, etc.
    • The language in which your company publishes
    • 3 business references
    • The names of other US publishers you have worked with
    • The titles and authors of other books you have translated with other US publishers

2. The ISBN, title and author of the work you desire
3. The estimated number of copies you plan to publish
4. The estimated retail sales price of the translated edition

If rights are available, we will contact you within 4-6 weeks with details of how you can obtain the foreign license to translate the book

Send mail to WEBMASTER@WISDOMPOWERHOUSE.COM with questions or comments about this web site.
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